Cast & Crew

 Jeremy Lanning

Jeremy is the man behind this vision. He was raised in cinemas and video stores! Jeremy started his production company Kid Clover Productions with this debut film; residing in Fort Worth, TX with his uber cool wife Melissa & three amazing kiddos. 

 Christopher Durbin

Chris is bringing it all to life.  With over 10 years of photography experience,  he resides in Dallas TX and you can see some of his work here: 



Jeremy J. Lanning – The Man

Melissa R. Lanning – The Wife

Autumn S. Lanning – The Daughter

Ayla D. Lanning – The Younger Daughter

Aidan S. Lanning – The Son

Doug Bashore – The Stranger

Andy Carl Valentin – The Counselor

J. William Boothman II – The Ranger

Amy Porras – The Lawyer

Holly Blue Shoun – Blue

Matt Reuber – Tick Tock

Julio Cedillo – The Ender of Men

Lance Wesley Martin – The Courier

Harry Cates – Dr. Floyd



Written, Produced, and Directed by – Jeremy J. Lanning

Cinematography, Editor, Producer – Chris Durbin

Post Production, Key Grip, Editor – Josh Mazur

Art Direction / Web Design – Alison McLean

Set Design – Melissa R. Lanning

Prop Master – Doug Bashore

Vehicles – Lisa Mahon, Lynne Steinmetz Harkness