Get to the Gray:

Get to the Gray is a short film set in Fort Worth, Texas in the very near future. The film follows a middle

aged psychologist who moonlights as a profiler for State and Federal agencies. Due to a potential terror

threat located within Cowtown, the man is pushed into an assignment that is very hard to believe. The

assignment involves resurrecting a 17th century war icon, The Buccaneer. To complicate matters, at the

same time the man’s 8 year old son has been abducted. While there’s no trace of the boy, the man

suspects it’s related to the assignment. This is all set to the music of Chromatics, as heard in the films

Drive and Bellflower. Also appearing on the soundtrack is Ajimal, a pop collaboration led by Fran

O’Hanlon of Newcastle. Get to the Gray is a modern day pilgrimage of one man who learns that when it

comes to progress, the truth is never necessary. In the end of the film we learn what happens to a good

man with a noble goal and no rules.